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Doggone Dog Owners

  Doggone Dog Owners I'll start this malfeasance by saying, "I love dogs."   I really do.   I just don't love 'em as much as some of my friends do.   I've got friends that take their dogs on vacation with them.   I've never done that.   I don't expect I ever will.   If you do and it makes you happy, well more power to you. While vacations are out, I have taken many dogs for a leisure walk through the neighborhood.   It's good exercise for the dog and me.   I've also taken a couple of dogs to the bark park to interact with other dogs.   My dogs enjoyed those afternoons at the park.   I did not.   For the record, I don't like interacting with other dog owners.   If you do and it makes you happy, well more power to you. When I get around other dog owners, I become anti-social.   Back when I had a dog, I'd endure the discomfort of conversations with dog people because my dog seemed to get a kick out of it.   Thank goodness, I don't have

Can't See The Forest for the Trees

  Can’t See The Forest For The Trees   Carolina Forest is situated west of the Intracoastal Waterway between US Highway 501 and International Drive and the western boundary is generally accepted as Gardner Lacy Road on which Carolina Forest High School is located.  The area was once part of a larger tract of land known as the Buist Tract. Acquired by Burroughs & Chapin in 1893, it was later sold to International Paper in 1928 where it served as a pine tree farm until the late 1980’s.  It was perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, dirt bike riding and all kinds of other mischief for Horry County residents providing a peaceful, natural forest buffer between Myrtle Beach and the western part of the county.       That all began to change in the mid 1990’s when International Paper entered into a development agreement with Horry County Government.  A land use plan consisting of 10,000+ acres home to 50,000 residents plus and all the commercial, retail and business property to support tha

Polecat of the Week - Santee Cooper

  Polecat of the Week is the Santee Cooper Board of Directors for ignoring the concerns of the Waterside Drive residents regarding the proposed placement of the Grand Strand Humane Society new kennel complex on Santee Cooper owned land adjacent to the neighborhood.

The New Face for Horry County


Quality of Life!!!

  Quality of Life What's up with all Northen license plates opping up all over the county?.   Right now, I bet there's more Yankees living in my neighborhood than there was at the Battle of Gettysburg.   It ain't that I don't like 'em.   I do, well most of them.   Heck, most of these new folks are more than likely running away from Big Taxes and Bad Politicians.   I respect that, but I can't hunt where I used to   and there's way much traffic on the road in front of the house.   Seriously with all this growth, why does the quality of my life have to be impacted? Lately, I've started wondering which came first, Big Taxes or Bad Politicians?   I've asked a few folks from New Jersey and Maryland that question and they just kinda stared at me.   The next time I see them, I plan on asking them again, this time I'll have to speak faster. They don't seem to understand me unless I speak fast.   It's just go, go, go for many of my new neighbors an

We Call It "The Waterway"

  We call it “the waterway” Is the Intra-coastal Waterway (ICW) the great divide in Horry County?   The ICW is a 3,000-mile water-way corridor from Maine to Texas to move goods, commodities, and military assets. The east-coast portion was conceived in the early 1800’s to connect natural inland waterways with man-made portions for safe and secure shipping along the Atlantic coast but not in the open sea.  The man-made portion in Horry County, which is the longest and one of the last links of the ICW, connects 22 miles from Little River Inlet to Enterprise Landing at the southern portion of the Waccamaw River just south of the Socastee swing bridge. Built in the mid-1930’s as a part of President Roosevelt’s public works programs, many describe it as one of the most important infrastructure projects ever in Horry County and claim that it drained about 15,000 acres of low-lying wet areas for farming and future development.   Sounds great, right!  Well, the folks in the greater Conway area

Medical Marijuana and the SC General Assembly

  The South Carolina House will decide if the state is to join 38 others in the nation by allowing prescriptions for medical marijuana. The Senate passed restrictive medical marijuana legislation recently and it is now up to the House to debate. Medical marijuana legislation was killed by the SC House two years ago. The legislation, as passed by the Senate, only allows access to medical marijuana for patients with specific conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, sickle cell anemia, autism, and diagnoses related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Access will require a prescription from a physician and dispensing by a pharmacist. It appears that creams, lotions, and some oral methods of use are approved. However, smoking of the product is not one of the methods allowed by this legislation. Opponents of the bill include the SC Sheriffs Association and SLED. Opponents reportedly fear passing the bill could lead to increased illegal recreational use. It’s difficult t

Polecat of the Week - 3-17-24

  Governor Henry McMaster signed the Constitutional Carry Bill into law. Senator Luke Rankin was the only Republican in the South Carolina Senate to vote against the bill. Luke Rankin was opposed to changing the way judges are elected in the state before he flip-flopped on the bill after 9 out 0f 10 voters were for change. For being so out of touch with the values of the voters and his party, Senator Luke Rankin is the Polecat of the Week.

Saturday Cartoon 3-16-24


Malfeasance - Parking Meters

  Malfeasance - Parking Meters Well, it looks like the City of North Myrtle Beach has decided to stick it to those of us that like to do business in North Myrtle Beach.   In case, you're not up to speed on the parking meter situation in North Myrtle Beach, you'll soon find out that it's gonna cost you $4 per hour just to park your old jalopy practically anywhere in North Myrtle Beach. Now before you defenders of parking meters get your noses all out of joint, I understand that I can still park free at most big box stores.   Oh yeah, there's plenty of parking at the shopping centers that are full of businesses owned and operated by companies that are headquartered outside of North Myrtle Beach and Horry County. For the record, I don't drive to North Myrtle Beach to shop and eat at the big box stores.   I can do that in cities closer to where I live.   I go to North Myrtle Beach to spend a little money and a whole lot of time with the mom and pop merchants that give t

It's pronounced Or-ree!!!

  This first edition offers some insights into this weekly article and provides a brief history of Horry County.  Our readers can expect an array of subjects, topics, and stories, both current and past, that have opinion, fact, and some stories passed down over time with no collaboration aka Horry County lure.  No subject will be off-limits, and the goal is to be entertaining, informative, thought provoking, and simply a fun read.      Horry County: Pronounced (OR-ree), was occupied primarily by the Chicora Indian before English settlement in the early 1700’s. Not named Horry County until 1801, initial settlement was in 1732 by English settlers that made their way up the Waccamaw River from Georgetown to settle on a high bluff area overlooking the river where history claims the group of explores killed a bear eventually naming the area Kings Town in honor of the English King to later be named Conway.   Located in the easternmost region of the State, from settlement through the early 19

Rankin Out of Touch

  Luke Rankin is out of Touch with Voters Horry County Senator Luke Rankin put himself in a political box last week that he will find it difficult to get out of as reelection time rolls around. With reform of the process which elects judges in the state being a hot topic among the voters and other elected officials, Rankin chose last week to voice support, in an hour-long speech on the Senate floor last week, for the current process. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Vice Chairman of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission, Rankin has a lot of say in who becomes judges in South Carolina. He probably can’t be blamed for wanting to keep that power in his hands. However, 695,791 voters in the recent South Carolina Presidential Primary election answered a question included on the ballot of whether the current process of electing judges in the state should be reformed. Over 91 percent, 634,345 to be exact, said YES. When 9 out of every 10 voters disagree with the position of
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