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 March 6, 2024


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Here’s what you can expect from our weekly lineup:

Monday – Don’t let your Monday ruin your Sunday: Start your week on a positive note with uplifting stories that will leave you feeling as refreshed as a Sunday spent with family.

Tuesday – Rasin’ Sand: Delve into politically and socially relevant topics with our thought-provoking stories that challenge conventional narratives.

Wednesday – Jimmy Crack Corn “I don’t care”: Explore intriguing stories from the past, reminiscent of tales shared by seasoned storytellers, offering a glimpse into Horry County’s rich history.

Thursday – Malfeasance: Take a break from the weighty issues with our lighthearted stories, offering a humorous take on otherwise serious matters.

Friday – No Stop Lights: Enjoy exclusive insights and opinions on the Trump universe from former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard in our engaging video series.

Saturday – Ed Wilson’s Cartoons: Immerse yourself in the world of political satire with captivating political cartoons, shedding light on crucial issues through this dying art.

Sunday – Polecat of the Week: Keep up with the latest controversies and disruptions in the political and social scene as we unveil our “Polecat of the Week,” spotlighting individuals or groups making waves in Horry County.

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Saturday Cartoon 3-16-24


It's pronounced Or-ree!!!

  This first edition offers some insights into this weekly article and provides a brief history of Horry County.  Our readers can expect an array of subjects, topics, and stories, both current and past, that have opinion, fact, and some stories passed down over time with no collaboration aka Horry County lure.  No subject will be off-limits, and the goal is to be entertaining, informative, thought provoking, and simply a fun read.      Horry County: Pronounced (OR-ree), was occupied primarily by the Chicora Indian before English settlement in the early 1700’s. Not named Horry County until 1801, initial settlement was in 1732 by English settlers that made their way up the Waccamaw River from Georgetown to settle on a high bluff area overlooking the river where history claims the group of explores killed a bear eventually naming the area Kings Town in honor of the English King to later be named Conway.   Located in the easternmost region of the State, from settlement through the early 19

Rankin Out of Touch

  Luke Rankin is out of Touch with Voters Horry County Senator Luke Rankin put himself in a political box last week that he will find it difficult to get out of as reelection time rolls around. With reform of the process which elects judges in the state being a hot topic among the voters and other elected officials, Rankin chose last week to voice support, in an hour-long speech on the Senate floor last week, for the current process. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Vice Chairman of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission, Rankin has a lot of say in who becomes judges in South Carolina. He probably can’t be blamed for wanting to keep that power in his hands. However, 695,791 voters in the recent South Carolina Presidential Primary election answered a question included on the ballot of whether the current process of electing judges in the state should be reformed. Over 91 percent, 634,345 to be exact, said YES. When 9 out of every 10 voters disagree with the position of