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Malfeasance - Job Creation

  Malfeasance - Job Creation In a world where job creation is the holy grail of economic policy, our valiant government has heroically stepped in to ensure that everyone has a job—even if that job is creating more jobs. Yes, the government has mastered the art of job inception, making the movie "Inception" look like child’s play. The idea is simple: hire a person to find people who need jobs, and then hire more people to manage the people who are finding people who need jobs. It’s job creation, government-style! It’s like a never-ending Russian nesting doll of employment. Only in America, can folks get excited about a jobs report that says over 200,000 jobs were created.   That sounds like good news, but when you realize most of the jobs created were government jobs, one starts to realize that this ain't such a good thing after all.   Many economists would agree with me that a new government job does not add anything to America's GDP.   Look, America is something like
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Malfeasance - Don't Go Uncle Joe

  Malfeasance - Don't Go Uncle Joe In the aftermath of the latest Biden-Trump debate, it seems the Democrats are facing a conundrum that even the most advanced Sudoku puzzle couldn't solve: should Uncle Joe stay or should he go? The call for Biden to step down is echoing louder than a cicada convention in August, and it's coming not just from Republicans but from his own party faithful who are starting to wonder if they accidentally voted for a talking head instead of a candidate. The media, meanwhile, is frothing at the mouth like a pack of Chihuahuas who've just discovered the neighbor's garbage cans. Every pundit with a pulse is dissecting Biden's debate performance like it's a Zapruder film, trying to figure out if he blinked too much or if his hair plugs were malfunctioning. They're calling for him to step aside faster than a contestant on "The Bachelor" who just realized they're not there for the right reasons. But let's be real h

Royal Prerogative and American Democracy

  Royal Prerogative and American Democracy By Dennis Mitchell This week we celebrate the 4th of July and its meaning as the day in 1776 on which the 13 colonies in North America declared their independence from Great Britain. It is the 248th anniversary of this bold action. It can also be celebrated as the day on which government of laws replaced government by the whims of a monarch was introduced to the western world. It is ironic that it occurs just several days after the Supreme Court of the United States declared the American president, whoever it may be, is immune from prosecution for criminal acts within the scope of the president’s official duties. The Court did not specify what official duties it was referring to, leaving that decision to a lower court over which it may rule in the future. In doing so, it can be argued that the Supreme Court reintroduced the concept of royal prerogative into the American system of government. Royal prerogative is defined as a body of authority,

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Time to Stop Routine Patrol of Beaches by Full Size Vehicles

  Time to Stop Routine Patrol of Beaches  by Full Size Vehicles By Dennis Mitchell Last week’s tragedy in which a Horry County Beach Safety truck struck and killed a local beachgoer has prompted state representative William Bailey to call for restrictions on full size public safety vehicles patrolling on local beaches in non-emergency situations. Bailey said he plans to pre-file such a bill before the next legislative session begins in January 2025. Bailey’s proposed bill makes so much sense, people must wonder why it has not been proposed until now.   With the severely crowded beaches which are experienced on the Grand Strand during the summer tourist season, vehicles such as ATV’s should be the common patrol type vehicle. These provide excellent range of vision, quick maneuverability and considerably smaller room to operate than full size trucks. In the event of emergency situations, officers on these types of vehicles could clear an area for operation if full size vehicles are neede

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Malfeasance - Reassessment

  Malfeasance - Reassessment Hey folks, I've got unwelcome visitors coming to my house this year.   If you live in Horry County, they're coming to see you, too.   Who could it be now?   Why, it's the tax assessors, armed with a clipboard and a gleam in their eye. Yes, it's that magical time again when we get to reassess the value of our homes and brace ourselves for the inevitable sticker shock when the tax bill arrives. It's like a twisted game of Monopoly, except instead of passing Go and collecting $200, we're passing the buck straight to the county coffers. Now, I'm no mathematician, but even I can tell you that when property values skyrocket faster than a bottle rocket on the Fourth of July, so do our tax bills. It's as if our humble abodes have suddenly transformed into beachfront mansions overnight. Last time I checked, my backyard wasn't equipped with a private yacht dock, but who am I to argue with the whims of the tax gods? And let's no