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The Solar Eclipse

  The Solar Eclipse Well, color me unimpressed. The recent solar eclipse had all the hype of a heavyweight title fight but ended up feeling more like a middleweight sparring match. As a guy who appreciates a good spectacle, I can't help but feel a tad disappointed by the lackluster performance of this celestial event. I mean, if I wanted to squint at a slightly dimmer sky, I could just wait for a cloudy day. Let's talk about expectations versus reality, shall we? I was promised a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic showdown, but what I got was more like a cosmic shrug. Sure, the sun got a temporary dimming, but where was the dramatic showdown between the sun and the moon? Where were the fireworks, the special effects, the sense of awe-inspiring wonder? Instead, I was left feeling like I'd been sold a ticket to the wrong show. And let's not even get started on having the proper eye wear to witness this so-called event. Eclipse glasses sold out faster than concert tickets to a reun
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Total Eclipse of the Heart

  Total Eclipse of the Heart   A  solar eclipse  occurs when the  Moon  passes between the Earth and the  Sun , thereby obscuring the Sun. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's  apparent diameter  is larger than the Sun's, blocking all direct sunlight.  Totality  occurs only in a limited path across the Earth's surface, with the  partial solar eclipse  visible over a larger surrounding region.  Very little of the eclipse on April 8th was viewable in Horry County given this limited path of totality started in Texas heading in a Northeastern direction crossing over other states and out to the Atlantic Ocean through parts of Canada.     Amazingly it was projected the eclipse could be a $6 billion boosts to the US economy.  People were flocking to communities in the path of the total eclipse.  Restaurants and hotels were full, parties were thrown, and the news even reported hundreds if not thousands of couples became engaged and there were mass marriages, and you could s

General Assembly Update on Bills of Interest

  General Assembly Update on Bills of Interest By Dennis Mitchell Every two years voters go to the polls in South Carolina to elect politicians to represent them in the General Assembly in Columbia. Much of the time, once they get to Columbia, many of those elected forget exactly who they are supposed to be representing. That would seem to be a difficult state of affairs for the elected politician. However, once they get in office, incumbent politicians who seek reelection in South Carolina are rarely defeated. So, it becomes – tell the voters what they want to hear then do what I want to do once elected. Two issues which were considered significant enough for citizens across the state were polled in advisory questions on the ballot of February’s 2024 Republican Presidential Primary. One question asked whether the manner in which judges are appointed to office should be changed to take more of the process out of the hands of lawyer/legislators who appear in court before the same judges

Dog Pound on Waterside Drive


Malfeasance - April Fools or Fake News

  Malfeasance - April Fools or Fake News Well, April Fools Day has come and gone. Did you get hoodwinked like I did this year?   Can you believe that I actually believed an April Fools story that I saw on online?   I should know better, but I actually found myself repeating nonsense that I saw online.   I was embarassed at first, but then I started thinking about it and embarassment quickly turned to disgust. I like a good joke or prank as good as the next person, but in an era of "fake news", I believe that we may have jumped the shark.   If you don't know what the phrase "jump the shark" means, then chances are that you weren't around to watch TV in the 1970s.   So, look it up after you finish reading my malfeasance this week. Since you've decided to continue reading, I'll share some of the so called "April Fools Pranks" that I stumbled upon. 1) A submarine entered Murrells Inlet, surfaced at the Marshwalk and ordered 140 takeout seafood

Voter Satisfaction or Voter Apathy

  Voter Satisfaction or Voter Apathy   Filing season for primary elections on June 11, 2024 ended on Monday April 1st at noon.  Races to be voted for include a US House of Representative district, 5 different state senate districts, 11 different state house districts, 5 county constitutional officers, 6 county council districts and 5 board of education districts.  That’s a total of 33 races.  It seems that all we hear from talk radio, social media and the like is “my taxes are too high”, “we don’t have the infrastructure to handle our growth”, “Horry County doesn’t get its fair share from Columbia or Washington”, “you’re too liberal or you’re too conservative” and so on and so on.  Well folks, this is where the rubber meets the road.  If this much dissatisfaction exists, elections are where change is made.  Of the 33 races, only 14 are competitive leaving 19 incumbents with no competition in the primary or general election.  Only 7 of the 14 will be competitive races in the general ele

Polecat of the Week - Brian J. Gaines

  The South Carolina Comptroller General's Office wins the Polecat of the Week award for the $1.8 billion discovered in a state government bank account recently which, according to state officials, no one knows where it came from and what is supposed to be done with it. The State's Accountant should do a better job.