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Time to Stop Routine Patrol of Beaches by Full Size Vehicles

  Time to Stop Routine Patrol of Beaches  by Full Size Vehicles By Dennis Mitchell Last week’s tragedy in which a Horry County Beach Safety truck struck and killed a local beachgoer has prompted state representative William Bailey to call for restrictions on full size public safety vehicles patrolling on local beaches in non-emergency situations. Bailey said he plans to pre-file such a bill before the next legislative session begins in January 2025. Bailey’s proposed bill makes so much sense, people must wonder why it has not been proposed until now.   With the severely crowded beaches which are experienced on the Grand Strand during the summer tourist season, vehicles such as ATV’s should be the common patrol type vehicle. These provide excellent range of vision, quick maneuverability and considerably smaller room to operate than full size trucks. In the event of emergency situations, officers on these types of vehicles could clear an area for operation if full size vehicles are neede
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Malfeasance - Reassessment

  Malfeasance - Reassessment Hey folks, I've got unwelcome visitors coming to my house this year.   If you live in Horry County, they're coming to see you, too.   Who could it be now?   Why, it's the tax assessors, armed with a clipboard and a gleam in their eye. Yes, it's that magical time again when we get to reassess the value of our homes and brace ourselves for the inevitable sticker shock when the tax bill arrives. It's like a twisted game of Monopoly, except instead of passing Go and collecting $200, we're passing the buck straight to the county coffers. Now, I'm no mathematician, but even I can tell you that when property values skyrocket faster than a bottle rocket on the Fourth of July, so do our tax bills. It's as if our humble abodes have suddenly transformed into beachfront mansions overnight. Last time I checked, my backyard wasn't equipped with a private yacht dock, but who am I to argue with the whims of the tax gods? And let's no

Federal Government to Reclassify Marijuana

  Federal Government to Reclassify Marijuana By Dennis Mitchell A bill to allow the sale of medical marijuana in South Carolina failed again in the SC House this year. Opposition to the bill is strongest in the law enforcement communities, objected to by, among others, Chief Mark Keel of SLED and the S. C. Sheriff’s Association. The federal government recently announced it would reclassify marijuana from its current status as a Class 1 substance to a Class 3 substance, putting it on the level of medical drugs such as cough syrup with codeine. This change by the federal government could give renewed push to legalizing medical marijuana in South Carolina. The bill that failed in the General Assembly this year is reported to be one of the strictest on the uses of marijuana for medical purposes. Smoking of the product, for example, would not be allowed. However, providing relief through topical use and liquid dosages could go a long way toward bringing relief to cancer patients, those suff

Polecat of the Week

  Polecat of the Week goes to the proposed Surf Park in Myrtle Beach which just requested its third one-year extension from the city to buy the land. It's tough competing against all that free surf on the oceanfront.

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  Malfeasance - Illegal Aliens Are Really Voters Recently, the greatest president in our lifetime, Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag. Can you believe that Biden accidentally referred to "illegal aliens" as voters during an interview on a Spanish radio show.   Yikes.   (The New York Post called this a "freudian slip".)   Biden also went on to say the following, “One of the reasons [why] we’re growing so much is we have a significant influx of immigrants coming into our country, [which is] the only reason our economy’s so good."   So, immigrants are the only reason that we have a good economy?   Who says we have a good economy? That's just plain stupid, but I've come to expect nothing but stupid comments from Biden and his administration. For the record, the previous president, Donald Trump, who says mean things and hurts the feeling of overly sensitive people, had a better immigration policy and tried to get the Census takers to only count actual citi