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Polecat of the Week

  Polecat of the Week goes to the proposed Surf Park in Myrtle Beach which just requested its third one-year extension from the city to buy the land. It's tough competing against all that free surf on the oceanfront.
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  Malfeasance - Illegal Aliens Are Really Voters Recently, the greatest president in our lifetime, Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag. Can you believe that Biden accidentally referred to "illegal aliens" as voters during an interview on a Spanish radio show.   Yikes.   (The New York Post called this a "freudian slip".)   Biden also went on to say the following, “One of the reasons [why] we’re growing so much is we have a significant influx of immigrants coming into our country, [which is] the only reason our economy’s so good."   So, immigrants are the only reason that we have a good economy?   Who says we have a good economy? That's just plain stupid, but I've come to expect nothing but stupid comments from Biden and his administration. For the record, the previous president, Donald Trump, who says mean things and hurts the feeling of overly sensitive people, had a better immigration policy and tried to get the Census takers to only count actual citi

Horry County Road Funding

  Horry County Road Funding By Dennis Mitchell Horry County Council passed first reading last week of an ordinance to establish road projects, funded by a one-cent local option sales tax, for up to the next 25 years. This is the most ambitious consideration of future road projects ever discussed by council. If approved, this initiative would replace the more common seven-year project lists such as RIDE II and RIDE III. The final approval for institution of the one-cent local option tax will be voted on in a binding referendum question on the November 2024 general election. Therein lies the first big question the voters must answer – do they wish to approve a list of road projects in November which will restrict new projects over up to 25 years? The local option tax is projected to raise approximately $5 billion over 25 years. This amount could be bonded against to speed up construction of the projects rather than the pay as you go system used with the last two RIDE plans. However, it a

Raisin' Sand - Protests Then and Now

  Protests Then and Now By Dennis Mitchell There is some irony in the fact that last Saturday was the 54th anniversary of the Kent State University shootings and we now have the biggest protests on college campuses since those Vietnam protest days. There is also irony in the fact that many of those condemning the student protests of today the loudest are of the baby boom generation which was the protesters against the Vietnam War. Now, the baby boom generation is interesting. The first generation to come of age after the invention of the birth control pill, it forged the sexual revolution. It was also the generation that made drug experimentation almost a right of passage. By the time this generation hit 50, it had done a 180-degree turn into virtual opposition to many sexual choices and freedoms and was the strongest for wanting a war on drugs. Some would call those changes maturity, but maybe hypocrisy is a better word. I heard an interview with a man who was a student at Kent State


  The South Carolina Senate wins the Polecat of the Week Award for failing to help small business by tabling the Tort Reform bill in the Chamber.

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