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Doggone Dog Owners


Doggone Dog Owners

I'll start this malfeasance by saying, "I love dogs."  I really do.  I just don't love 'em as much as some of my friends do.  I've got friends that take their dogs on vacation with them.  I've never done that.  I don't expect I ever will.  If you do and it makes you happy, well more power to you.

While vacations are out, I have taken many dogs for a leisure walk through the neighborhood.  It's good exercise for the dog and me.  I've also taken a couple of dogs to the bark park to interact with other dogs.  My dogs enjoyed those afternoons at the park.  I did not.  For the record, I don't like interacting with other dog owners.  If you do and it makes you happy, well more power to you.

When I get around other dog owners, I become anti-social.  Back when I had a dog, I'd endure the discomfort of conversations with dog people because my dog seemed to get a kick out of it.  Thank goodness, I don't have to have canine conversations now.  If going to the bark park with your best friend and talking to other dog owners makes you happy, well more power to you.

As you may have figured out, I currently don't own a dog.  Seeing other folks with their dogs doesn't make me want to go out and adopt one either. I chuckle when I see people pushing their little dogs around in strollers.  How about those dogs we see with sweaters and outfits? It's ridiculous.  Why do people feel the need to take their dogs with them everywhere they go? If you have a legitimate service animal, then I understand, but I know some folks that sorta pretend that they have a service animal.  If that's you, well more power to you as well.

But, here's where I draw the line.  If you are going to take your dog with you wherever you go, please have enough common sense to secure your animal in your vehicle.  People that drive around town, with their driver's side window rolled down tick me off.  C'mon a little dog hopping in and out of your lap while you drive has got to be distracting.  I saw a little old lady, at a stoplight on Grissom Parkway the other day, with her dog hanging out of the window, and that little dog was barking at the car in the next lane. Guess what?  Just as the light turned green, that little dog tried to jump out of the car window, the little old lady accelerated, then hit the brakes and I nearly rammed the rear end of her car.  As I hit the brakes, the car behind me does the same thing, and buddy, I doubt you could have put a sheet of newspaper between our bumpers.  Just as that little old lady in front of me gets her dog back in her car window and under control, the light turns yellow and then she guns it through the intersection....leaving me and the ticked-off driver behind me at the stoplight.

Here's the bottom line, while my bark is certainly worse than my bite, I believe there are enough distracted, doggone drivers in this town at rush hour without having doggone drivers with disobedient dogs causing more distractions with doggone drivers.  If you have a dissenting opinion, then the tail is wagging the dog.  

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