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Quality of Life!!!

 Quality of Life

What's up with all Northen license plates opping up all over the county?.  Right now, I bet there's more Yankees living in my neighborhood than there was at the Battle of Gettysburg.  It ain't that I don't like 'em.  I do, well most of them.  Heck, most of these new folks are more than likely running away from Big Taxes and Bad Politicians.  I respect that, but I can't hunt where I used to  and there's way much traffic on the road in front of the house.  Seriously with all this growth, why does the quality of my life have to be impacted?

Lately, I've started wondering which came first, Big Taxes or Bad Politicians?  I've asked a few folks from New Jersey and Maryland that question and they just kinda stared at me.  The next time I see them, I plan on asking them again, this time I'll have to speak faster. They don't seem to understand me unless I speak fast.  It's just go, go, go for many of my new neighbors and they especially show their true colors on the highway.  You'd think these fast driving foreigners would assimilate and adapt to our slower ways, especially when driving, but they don't If you're from the North, here's some things to keep in mind.  For one, it ain't polite to tailgate.  It's also not polite to honk your horn just as the light turns green either.  It's also not acceptable to raise your left hand out of the driver's side window and extend a middle finger just because a fellow forgets to use his turn signal.  Folks might want to consider that someone's tail light could have just stopped working.  Honestly, up until about three years ago, I usually knew where the car in front of me was going to turn because I knew the driver and the car they drove.  It just ain't that way anymore, so there's another example of  the quality of my life  being impacted.

Here's something else to ponder.  Nowadays, local roads are like race tracks.  I've noticed that folks living in new subdivisions, out in the county,  are racing past me everyday to get to the beach where they'll just end up sitting in traffic longer than they want.  No one likes to sit in traffic, but as they do, they start focusing on all the time they're wasting.  Suddenly, some of these new residents start thinking that with more and more people moving here, the quality of their life is going to be impacted. 

Since many of these new residents are retired, they have free time to organize groups with like minded Northeners.  These new groups or coalitions start showing up at council meetings and they start making demands like paving new roads and fixing existing roads.  They want more police and new fire stations and fire trucks...and they all want to limit future growth.  Pretty soon, our good ol' boy politicians around here start listening to these new groups because they vote.  Before you know it, we get a new budget with some of those Big Taxes that no one likes and our good ol' boy politicians suddenly become Bad Politicians....and then the  quality of everyone's life is impacted.  If you have a dissenting opinion, then either your turn signal is broken or you ain't from around here are you?


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