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Malfeasance - Reassessment


Malfeasance - Reassessment

Hey folks, I've got unwelcome visitors coming to my house this year.  If you live in Horry County, they're coming to see you, too.  Who could it be now?  Why, it's the tax assessors, armed with a clipboard and a gleam in their eye. Yes, it's that magical time again when we get to reassess the value of our homes and brace ourselves for the inevitable sticker shock when the tax bill arrives. It's like a twisted game of Monopoly, except instead of passing Go and collecting $200, we're passing the buck straight to the county coffers.

Now, I'm no mathematician, but even I can tell you that when property values skyrocket faster than a bottle rocket on the Fourth of July, so do our tax bills. It's as if our humble abodes have suddenly transformed into beachfront mansions overnight. Last time I checked, my backyard wasn't equipped with a private yacht dock, but who am I to argue with the whims of the tax gods?

And let's not forget the joys of living in a tourist destination like Horry County. As if we don't already have enough snowbirds flocking down here like migrating geese, now we get to foot the bill for the privilege of sharing our slice of paradise. It's like paying for the honor of being stuck in traffic behind a golf cart with a "I Brake for Gators" bumper sticker.

But fear not, my fellow Horry County residents! In the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day." And who knows, maybe by then the tax assessors will have traded in their calculators for a crystal ball, and we can all live happily ever after in our slightly overpriced slice of heaven. Until then, I'll be counting my pennies and dreaming of a world where property taxes are as predictable as a Southern summer thunderstorm.  If you have a dissenting opinion, then do me a favor, keep that tired old story about the high taxes you paid back home in Yankee-Land to yourself.

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